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Visual Studio / Team Foundation Sever 2010 to Launch on March 22,2010

Nov 24 2009

 According to Mike Vincent on his blog (http://mvasoftware.com/blogs/mikev_weblog/default.aspx) the launch date for VS/TFS 2010 has been set for March 22,2010.  You can also check out Mike's article that lists the product features for each version of Visual Studio 2010.

This major release will be a big hit in my estimation.  I have several friends on the various teams at Microsoft and I know that they have been doing some great work on this very important development platform.

For the first time, Quality Assurance professionals get a first class seat on Visual Studio.  The new ability to create and manage test plans and contribute early and often is great step forward for teams wanting to really bring these professionals into the Agile team.  Chuck Sterling has published a video about this feature, you can see it on my blog at Rod-Claar.net .

For the latest news you should check Brian Harry's blog at least a couple of times a week.  He posts the information you will need to get up to speed on VS/TFS 2010.  I am looking forward to the release of the TFS 2010 Power Tools.

Recently Brian blogged about the MS acquisition of the Teamprise Client Suite.  Here is a snippet of what he had to say about the combination of VS/TFS and Teamprise:


"Heterogeneous development is here for the long term – different operating systems (Window, Unix, Mac, Linux, Mainframe, …), different tools (VS and Eclipse are the big obvious ones but there are plenty more) and different programming models (.NET, C++, Java, HTML/Ajax, …), etc. Modern development, for many companies, means navigating a path that draws value from each of these technologies where it makes sense. However customers really want an ALM solution that is comprehensive and helps them manage their development regardless of which technologies they choose.

This acquisition demonstrates that we are committed to helping people succeed in all of their software development endeavors. Combining the Teamprise product with the existing Visual Studio products will enable us to provide a broad offering that can cover a wide array of your ALM needs."

Read the entire article at bharry's WebLog .

Check out our new course on Scrum Using VS/TFS 2010!

I'm itching to make my plans to attend the launch event!


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