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A question about "Scrum Development for Teams Using Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server 2010"

Dec 04 2009

We recieved a great question today about our new coruse "Scrum Development for Teams Using Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server 2010", and it was such a good question, I decided to pass along the question and my answer.

Josh L asked...

How much of this course will on coding vs. project management and testing?

Here is my reply to Josh...

The primary goal of this course is to expose an entire Scrum team to the principles and practices of Agile software development using Scrum in an VS/TFS environment. Scrum is very much a team process. We will have sections that have coding exercises but the goal is not to teach developers how to write code. Yet to be successful with Scum, the team’s engineering practices have to be first-rate. We will have an overview of Test Driven Development with the main purpose of exposing the entire team to what TDD is and how it fits into Scrum.
For public courses we will balance the job roles of the students so that we get a balance that would represent real-world Scrum teams. This will allow us to keep everyone involved without boring students who are not coders or testers or project managers. We will demonstrate through the exercises and interactions how all the roles work together in Scrum.
Organizations who adopt VS/TFS probably have a very good set of reasons to do so. They are distributed, they work on multiple complex projects or they have a large team. The issues that arise in these situations are dealt with effectively by VS/TFS. Our goal is to demonstrate how VS/TFS can help teams deal with these issues and still be Agile.
Thanks, Josh for the question!
You can sign up for the course here.



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