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Effective Scrum and High Quality Code – It Is a Chicken and Egg Relationship

Effective Scrum and High Quality Code – It Is a Chicken and Egg Relationship
Scrum is simple, but Scrum is Hard.  Scrum is so simple that it can be explained in 20 minutes, but so hard that some teams are never effective.  Yet other teams produce 3-10 times more business value than they did before.  This article will go into one of the main differences between under-performing teams and very successful teams— Code Quality—and its impact on the effectiveness of every Scrum team.  You will learn how to present the business case for high quality code, how to facilitate the establishment of a business commitment to high quality code, and how to implement the process of transforming code quality to an enabler rather than a restrainer of the delivery of business value within your organization.
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The Role of the Product Owner in Scrum

Friday, June 19, 2009

The goal of the Product Owner must be to deliver the right business value. To do this, they engage the team(s) to create solutions that deliver the business value. The Product Owner is listening to and evaluating the needs of the stakeholder community. They must have a great business sense and understand their market and customers. They must understand what is technically possible. From all this input they deliver a stream of input to the team about what the priorities are. They are constantly updating this information and evaluating the output of the team to check it for completeness and correctness.

Scrum is a Flexible Process!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Most organizations reacquire a tool to help manage complex distributed team projects. To be Agile the tool must be flexible.

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