Rod Claar CST® - Principal Consultant

Rod Claar

Rod Claar is a software development coach and instructor with broad experience in Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, Scrum and Agile methodologies. A specialist in coordinating large teams and large projects to increase return on investment through Agile principles and practices.

 Rod has extensive experience teaching and coaching teams to achieve their goals.

 Rod believes that team building is at the heart of this success.  Teams get more done than do the same individuals working independently.

 Rod teaches that team building and team effectiveness are built on communication.  Communication at all levels of the organization. Communication of goals and rationale.  Communication of success and failure.

Rod coaches that in software development, second only to the team and effective communication is quality.  Quality that is built-in and never sacrificed.  Quality starts with requirements.  Requirements have to be understood through business or customer statements that describe the value to be returned rather than a definition of the proposed solution.  Quality continues as the team executes the agile practices tailored to their situation.  The quality of the process is always pushed higher.

 Rod specializes in Retail Technology, Training, Course Development, Software Development Coaching and Mentoring, Enterprise Databases, Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Team System and people.





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Our Mission

Provide training, coaching, mentoring and services that meet the needs of the team.

Our approach is very team centric.  This means that we strive to understand the domain and environment specific problems the team is encountering.  This also means that we are focused on improving the team itself.  To achieve this mission we will work hard to learn about your team and then work hard to deliver customized training, coaching and mentoring.
Our Vision

Practical Solutions for Real World Teams

We believe that to be effective, software development teams need practical, domain and environment specific solutions to the complex challenges of team-based software development.  Reading about it is not enough and training is often aimed at good evaluation scores rather than helping the team. We have the experience and people skills to help real world teams work more effectively.