Public and Private Training Courses

Effective Agile Development offers a complete array of courses aimed at making your software development team more effective.  Whether you need Agile and SCRUM process training or developer courses in Design Paterns, Code Quality and Test Driven Development, we have it all.


Our on-site training saves you money on travel and puts a world-class trainer and coach into your environment where they can be the most help to your team.  Before the class the assinged trainer will conduct an assessment of your team and their expectations for the course.  Armed with this information they will adjust the course plan to deliver the highest value possible.

All of our classes are built with the needs of the adult learner in mind.  Our course architects are experienced and understand the process of delivering technical training successfully.  Although learners have many styles of learning, we feel that a hands-on approach is best.  Our courses are chock-full of interactive exercises that are not only fun and popular, but truly deliver the learning to the engaged student.

Our trainers have broad experinence and a passion for the courses they teach.  Each one is trained and certified to teach each course by the course architect.  This insures not only that the trainer completely understands the goals of the course design, but also how to deliver the course effectively.


Call 1-888-294-1865 for more information about any of our courses

On-Site Training

All of our training classes are available for delivery where your team is. This can save thousands on travel and a much better training experience. Our training professionals will work with you to select a venue at your facility or a near by to insure the training is a success.

Tailored Training

Each dedicated training session includes an assessment of your team and their training needs. This could be as little as a phone conversation or we may recommend a more extensive assessment. The assessment results will be used to tailor the training to meet your training goals.

Price Based on Team Size

Our pricing for dedicated training is based on the number of attendees. Compared to single seat public course pricing, a typical 2 day class can be up to 40% less.

No Middle-Man

By engaging us directly, you get our guarantee of quality training with your goals the top priority. The entire engagement is focused on your team and their training needs.

Special COVID-19 Statement
All Public Classes Open for Registration - Sunday, March 29, 2020

With the continued medical emergency, we will be offering live virtual Certified ScrumMaster and Scrum Certified Product Owner classes exclusively.  We are working hard to make sure that these classes meet the certification requirements and learning objectives as defined by the Scrum Alliance.  However, we firmly believe that in person training is the best for these certification workshops.  Our long-standing policy providing a no cost retake of any class within one year of the original class will apply for these virtual classes. 

We look forward to the day when the health conditions will permit a return to in person training.  We are today opening all future planned classes to registration.   Through the month of June, we expect all classes to be delivered in the virtual format.  Therefore, all scheduled public classes through June will be listed with the special virtual indication on the Scrum Alliance web site.  Classes after that date will be listed as in person classes.

Should conditions change for better or worse, we will act appropriately and notify registrants about any format changes.