One Day Agile Overview and Assessment
As the economy emerges from the recession we believe that many organizations will identify a significant backlog of products and product improvements that could not be funded during the recession. The decision to allocate time and resources to any of these projects will be done in a deliberate manner and will carry the expectation of an acceptable return on investment. 
If your organization has such a backlog of work you should consider engaging Effective Agile Development to help you map out a plan to improve the delivery of business value through the implementation of Agile Software Development principles and practices.  
This can be easily accomplished with our One Day Agile Overview and Assessment. This on-site session has proven activities delivered by experienced consultants to explore the potential for accelerating the delivery of business value for your organization.
This assessment has several activities. The sequence of the activities is not critical, however all are necessary for us to create an appropriate proposal for helping your organization deliver business value more quickly and accurately.
The day would include these sessions, preferably in this order:
A 2 hour session about the organization's products and existing processes. This session should be facilitated by the executive responsible for the delivery of the product to the customers of the product or services. The goal would be a basic understanding of the markets, products and software development practices in place currently.
A 3-4 hour overview of the principles and practices of Agile / Scrum. This executive level overview is focused at helping the attendees become familiar with the roles, meetings and artifacts associated with an Agile process using the Scrum framework. Special attention is paid to the high ROI steps that can be implemented quickly in most organizations.
A 2 hour session to explore the forces restraining the delivery of business value currently. This session is actually the starting point for improving software development return on investment. This session is facilitated by an Enterprise Coach using one or more structured discussions intended to engage the software development team, product management and potentially the customers of the product.
This overview and assessment would be delivered by the Enterprise Coach assigned to your organization. We believe that our clients require a single point of contact for extended engagements.   The Enterprise Coach may not actually deliver all the training and coaching, however they would be directing the planned services and evaluating the progress toward the organization's goals. This constant evaluation and consultation with the organization is designed to deliver the right training and coaching at the most effective time.
This session can be delivered with as little as two week's notice and will be offered at discounted fee rates plus reasonable and actual travel expenses. All fees paid will be 100% applied to the resulting proposal.