Agile Facilitation

The process of Agile Facilitation starts with team interviews and an assessment of the tools and collaborative patterns to start the transition to Agile. Effective Agile Development's facilitator would conduct the company and team interviews to better understand the objectives and obstacles.   The event or meeting would be facilitated by at least one Senior Agile Consultant.  They would prepare the agenda, make clear the goal of the event, get the meeting started and provide the coaching and guidance needed to keep the meeting on track and focucsed on the goal.

Agile Facilitation can be applied to any business meeting, however we concentrate on the sessions listed below under Facilitation Sessions.

We believe that to achieve enterprise sustainability the waste in planning, retrospectives and requirements analysis must be identified and targeted appropriately.  Organizations often can't see the waste because they have worked around it and made it a regular part of the culture for so long.  An Agile Facilitation is a great place to start to identify the ineffective and inefficient practices that are holding your organization back.

At Effective Agile Development we are dedicated to the success of your organization through the consistent and reliable delivery of solutions suited for real world teams in today's economy.

To schedule an Agile Facilitation or just talk about the process and expected results call 888-294-1865 or email info@effectiveagiledev.com .

Special COVID-19 Statement
All Public Classes Open for Registration - Sunday, March 29, 2020

With the continued medical emergency, we will be offering live virtual Certified ScrumMaster and Scrum Certified Product Owner classes exclusively.  We are working hard to make sure that these classes meet the certification requirements and learning objectives as defined by the Scrum Alliance.  However, we firmly believe that in person training is the best for these certification workshops.  Our long-standing policy providing a no cost retake of any class within one year of the original class will apply for these virtual classes.    Use the coupon code "VirtualClass" for special $300 off pricing.

We look forward to the day when the health conditions will permit a return to in person training.  We are today opening all future planned classes to registration.   Through the month of June, we expect all classes to be delivered in the virtual format.  Therefore, all scheduled public classes through June will be listed with the special virtual indication on the Scrum Alliance web site.  Classes after that date will be listed as in person classes.

Should conditions change for better or worse, we will act appropriately and notify registrants about any format changes.

Facilitation Sessions

Effective Enterprise Agile Adoption Planning
This Agile Facilitation session helps your leadership understand what is involved in an enterprise transition to Agile.  The agenda will focus on the goals of the Agile roll-out, the key metrics to be used to measure progress and a discovery of the process changes that will be implemented to pursuer Agile Principles.   Through this facilitated discussion the proposed roll-out schedule will be developed and the organizations needs for coaching and training will be identified.  The result of this day-long meeting will be an overall plan, a prioritized backlog of issues relating to technology and management and a communication plan for communicating the rational of and goals for the plan.
Effective Agile Analysis 
This Agile Facilitation session involves product management, internal stakeholders, technical leadership and your Product Owner to learn the process of Effective Agile Analysis.  This session starts with training in the principles and practices of Effective Agile Analysis including the use of Personas, writing effective User Stories and Story Sizing.  The session then turns to the active application of the learning on the real domain of the system under development.  The result of this session will be a list of Features, Scenarios and Stories with initial estimates to feed into the portfolio and release planning effort.
Effective Product Portfolio and Release Planning
This Agile Facilitation will bring together all internal stakeholders and product management to identify and prioritize the known requirements for the system under development.  The meeting will then turn to a velocity assessment for the team or teams that will be working the product backlog.  With these two sets of data, the backlog and the team's perceived capacity a Product Portfolio Plan will be roughed out with the goal of delivering business value early and often.  The release plan may include interim milestones of internal or limited release to check course and get feedback from the real user community.  The output of this session is a release plan for the next full public release of the product.
Effective Sprint / Iteration Planning
This Agile Facilitation provides coaching and guidance to teams on how to effectively plan their next Sprint / Iteration.  The pattern that is established in this session will help the team understand the meaning of "done" for them, establish protocols of communication and collaboration, discover and define the tasks associated with the stories committed to and develop consistent and reliable estimates for the Sprint.  The result of the facilitation will be a Sprint plan the team has committed to as well as a pattern for future Sprint planning sessions. 
Effective Sprint Turnaround
This Agile Facilitation helps the team understand the process and principles behind the Sprint Demo, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospectives.  The facilitator starts interacting with the team late in the Sprint to help them prepare for the Turnaround and gather the metrics, plan the demo and make decisions about outstanding work and defects.  On the day of the Turnaround the facilitator will help the team, Product Owner and stakeholders navigate the Demo and Review and facilitate the Sprint Retrospective for the team.  The outcome would be a better understanding of the process, the product, the expectations of the stakeholders and the team's capability and capacity.  The team would develop a plan of action for improving the process in the next Sprint.
To schedule an Agile Facilitation or just talk about the process and expected results call 888-294-1865 or email info@effectiveagiledev.com .


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