Special COVID-19 Statement
All Public Classes Open for Registration - Sunday, March 29, 2020

With the continued medical emergency, we will be offering live virtual Certified ScrumMaster and Scrum Certified Product Owner classes exclusively.  We are working hard to make sure that these classes meet the certification requirements and learning objectives as defined by the Scrum Alliance.  However, we firmly believe that in person training is the best for these certification workshops.  Our long-standing policy providing a no cost retake of any class within one year of the original class will apply for these virtual classes.    Use the coupon code "VirtualClass" for special $300 off pricing.

We look forward to the day when the health conditions will permit a return to in person training.  We are today opening all future planned classes to registration.   Through the month of June, we expect all classes to be delivered in the virtual format.  Therefore, all scheduled public classes through June will be listed with the special virtual indication on the Scrum Alliance web site.  Classes after that date will be listed as in person classes.

Should conditions change for better or worse, we will act appropriately and notify registrants about any format changes.

Scrum - Agile Development for Teams


Many organizations are moving to a more effective Agile development process with the aim of delivering more business value more quickly. Scrum has become the mostly widely recognized agile method of choice and has established a solid track record of success. This course unites the Scrum Product Development process with concrete practices in tools.

This 5-day hands-on training course creates a simulated whole team experience for implementing the guiding principles and practices of Scrum for the entire team.

A Whole-Team Approach:

 This course includes instruction and hands-on learning for all the skills of the Agile team. Students will learn about Product Management, Agile Testing and effective Development skills including:
  • Portfolio Management
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Release Planning /Release Acceptance
  • Sprint Planning / Sprint Review / Sprint Retrospectives and Reflection
  • Acceptance Test Specification
  • Continuous Integration / Automated Builds
  • Test Driven Development
  • Code Quality
  • Refactoring

 Complete Agile Team Training:

  • Learn how to implement Scrum Software Development
  • Learn how to execute the roles of Scrum and the Scrum process
  • Learn how to apply the principles of agile planning, analysis, and development
  • Learn how to use Agile Estimation and Analysis to deliver business value
  • Learn how to optimize code quality and sustainability with Acceptance Test Driven Development and Unit Test  Driven Development
  • Learn how to create and manage multiple platform test plans
  • Learn about the challenges of agile adoption in the modern enterprise

Learn About Using TFS or an Open Source Agile Product / Team System:

This course will include hands-on exercises using an open source product to create and manage a project in a large and distributed team environment.
  • Use of Source Control
  • Automated Build Process
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Plans and Test Case Management
  • Test Driven Development
  • Reporting and  Project Status Monitoring with Sprint and Release Burn-downs or Burn-up charts
  • Basic customization of the system

Target Audience:


The entire Agile team including developers, testers, product management, project facilitators / ScrumMasters.


This class can result in Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster Certification all participants and Developer Certification for appropriate participants.



This team oriented course on requires a team ready to learn! 

There are no prerequisites for students. The student is, or soon will be, a member of a Scrum team. Ideally a significant part of the team will take the course together.

The instructor will work with your staff to select and set up a platform for the class to use in the class.