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What Others Said...

  I took a course from Rod some time ago on scrum development. It was without a doubt one of the best courses I have ever taken. It combined a presentation format followed by a fantastic 2 day simulation. The simulation was very well designed and perfect for allowing me to internalize the concepts. Perhaps most importantly it demonstrated to me that the concepts really worked extremely well. Switching to agile development requires that you work in a different way and that you let go of past practices and make the leap across the chasm. This simulation allowed me to do that.

Also, other interactive activities helped us recap and review the concepts learn in a fun and engaging way.

I spent 9 years teaching college and several years doing corporate training. As such I really appreciate the challenges of course/content design and the brilliance of this course design and delivery. Rarely have I come across such a pedagogically well designed course. It was absolutely brilliance.

If you're trying to move to agile development methodologies and particularly if you have skeptics in your organization then I would highly recommend this course from Rod. It will make believers and practitioners out of them! 

Kelly Calvert Group Program Manager, Team Foundation Server, Microsoft


Recent Comments...

Enjoyed the class! Great hands-on experience. Thank You. - CM Albuquerque

Great hands-on application of the process. - TO Albuquerque

Certified ScrumMaster Workshop

In Person AND Virtual Scrum Training for the Hands-On Learner

The Same Content Either Delivery!

Claim 14 PDUs!

In Person Class Includes lunch with the instructor and snacks!

This course gives the participants actual hands on experience with the basic practices of Scrum with a solid introduction to the principles that frame the practices of a successful agile team.  The course is focused on the skills and attributes of a successful ScrumMaster.

The participants will get experience through a large Scrum simulation where they will practice and observe the role of ScrumMaster and the other major Scrum Roles.  Teams will work together on a project to produce a product that will be presented to the stakeholders near the end of the course.

Course Objectives

After the course the attendee will be have a better understanding of and be able to help others understand these topics -
                The reasons to adopt Scrum
                Scrum fundamentals
                The important aspects of Agile Analysis and Planning
                The Role of Scrum Master in the meetings, process and decisions of Scrum
                The Responsibilities of the Product Owner to the business and the team
                How to get started using Scrum
                The basic skills and attributes of the Scrum Master
                Process improvement
                Potential organizational challenges
Basic Scrum Flow - Effective AGILE Development LLC 

Course Topic Areas

 Why Adopt Scrum?

                Software development is knowledge work.
                The value of Agile Teams
                The business value focus of Scrum

 Scrum Process Basics

                What kind of projects benefit most from Scrum?
                Basic Scrum flow and activities
                Scrum Roles and Relationships
                Scrum Meetings
                Scrum Artifacts
                Scrum Product Management
                Project Tracking and Visibility
                Developing User Stories
                Business Value Driven Prioritization

Principles and Practices

                What is a process and why do we need one?
                The role of Lean Software Development in Scrum
                Agile PrinciplesScrum Game Exercise - Effective AGILE Development
                Agile Practices

Agile Analysis

                Project and Product Vision Creation
                The Transition from High Level Requirements to Stories and Tasks
                Relative Story Sizing
                Team Estimation and Commitment
                Work Prioritization
                Release Planning

The Scrum Master Role

                How is a Scrum Master different than a Project Manager?
                Team Coaching and Servant Leadership
                Developing Trust with the Team

The Product Owner Role

                Creating Product and Project Vision
                Product Owner / Team Communication
                The Product Owner Responsibility to the Business
                Business Value Driven Portfolio Management

Scrum Implementation

                Scrum is Simple, Scrum is Hard
                The Promises of Scrum
                The Forces Driving and Restraining Scrum
                Scaling Scrum
                Technical Challenges

Process Improvement in Scrum

                The Sprint and Release Retrospectives
                The pursuit of process improvement
                Finding process impediments
                Dealing with process impediments

The Role of QA in Scrum

                Moving Testing Forward
                A Change in Focus for QA
                Acceptance Testing
                Agile Specification

Course Hands-On Exercises

                Team Forming
                Vision Statement Writing
                Release Planning
                Work Item Sizing
                Work Item Prioritization
                Sprint Planning
                The Sprint, Work and the Daily Standup
                The Sprint Review
                The Sprint Retrospective
                The Release
                The Release Retrospective
                Identification of Problem Domain Concepts
                Exploring forces driving and restraining Scrum

Who Should Attend and Prerequisites

This course is suited for people who have experience being on development teams or are faced with complex product/project development efforts. Individuals from all levels of the corporate structure who deal with rapidly changing demands and complex efforts. Managers, Testers, PM, Analysts, Developers, managers, directors, C-level functions.

Participants should have some familiarity with Agile, either by attending the Intro to Agile Methods training course or through practical Agile experience.


Scrum Training and Certified ScrumMaster Classes now available in Houston Texas.


Rod Claar


Rod Claar is a software development coach and instructor with broad experience in Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, Scrum and Agile methodologies. Specialist in coordinating large teams and large projects to increase return on investment through Agile principles and practices.

 Rod has extensive experience teaching and coaching teams to achieve their goals.

 Rod believes that team building is at the heart of this success.  Teams get more done than do the same individuals working independently.

 Rod teaches that team building and team effectiveness are built on communication.  Communication at all levels of the organization. Communication of goals and rational.  Communication of success and failure.

Rod coaches that in software development, second only to the team and effective communication is quality.  Quality that is built-in and never sacrificed.  Quality starts with requirements.  Requirements have to be understood through business or customer statements that describe the value to be returned rather than a definition of the proposed solution.  Quality continues as the team executes the agile practices tailored to their situation.  The quality of the process is always pushed higher.

 Rod specialzes in Retail Technology, Training, Course Development, Software Development Coaching and Mentoring, Enterprise Databases, Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Team System and people.