Certified ScrumMaster Workshop for Busy Teams
Effective Agile Development is proud to offer this course as a jump start for teams or individuals in Scrum and Agile software development. This course taught by a very experienced Scrum / Agile coach and trainer will give the attendee the understanding of the basics of Scrum and give them hands on experience in a simulated project. Working with a team of other attendees requirements will be given and the team will develop an actual product using Scrum. Attendees will experience the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner first hand through this effective and popular exercise. This course is taught either in four evening or two Saturday formats to keep your staff productive.


 Course Objectives


·         A discussion about the reasons why an organization might choose to adopt Scrum

·         A review of the fundamentals of Scrum

·         A review of the important aspects of Agile Analysis and Planning

·         A focus on the role of Scrum Master in all the meetings, processes and decisions of Scrum

·         Practical, skill and experience building practice in running Scrum

·         Instruction and practice to develop your skills as a Scrum Master  and Product Owner in dealing with people

·         Discussion and practice in dealing with organizational challenges

Session 1

Creative Making

·         Why are knowledge workers different?

·         Agile Teaming

·         What makes a good process?

The Case for Scrum

·         Scrum and Agile History

·         Practices or Principles?

·         Lean Software Development Basics

Scrum Process Basics

·         Basic Scrum Flow and Activities

·         Scrum Roles and Relationships

·         Scrum Meetings, Artifacts and the Product Backlog

·          User Stories

·         Prioritization – Cost vs. Business Value

The Scrum Immersion Game

·         Introduction

·         Team Creation

·         Project Tracking

Session 2


Agile Analysis

·         Project Vision

·         Agile Analysis – The Transition from Pie in the Sky to Accuracy in Requirements

·         Realistic Agile Design – Making Sure the Pieces Fit Correctly

·         Determining Priority

·         Release Planning

Story Sizing

·         Relative Story Sizing

·         Team Estimation

·         Team Commitment

Exercise Sprint 1

·         Project Visibility

·         Sprint Planning

·         Sprint Acceptance

Session 3

Exercise Sprint 2

The Role of QA

·         Moving Testing Forward

·         The Role of QA

·         Acceptance Testing Overview

·         Agile Specification

Session 4

Exercise Sprint 3

The Release

·         Release Activities

·         Release Acceptance

Implementing Scrum for Your Team

·         Scrum is Hard

·         The Promises of Scrum

·         The Forces Driving and Restraining Scrum – An Exercise

·         Scaling Scrum

·         Technical Challenges

Course Wrap-Up

·         Agile Principles

·         Agile Practices

·         Final Thoughts and Group Discussion




  What Others Said...

  I took a course from Rod some time ago on scrum development. It was without a doubt one of the best courses I have ever taken. It combined a presentation format followed by a fantastic 2 day simulation. The simulation was very well designed and perfect for allowing me to internalize the concepts. Perhaps most importantly it demonstrated to me that the concepts really worked extremely well. Switching to agile development requires that you work in a different way and that you let go of past practices and make the leap across the chasm. This simulation allowed me to do that.

Also, other interactive activities helped us recap and review the concepts learn in a fun and engaging way.

I spent 9 years teaching college and several years doing corporate training. As such I really appreciate the challenges of course/content design and the brilliance of this course design and delivery. Rarely have I come across such a pedagogically well designed course. It was absolutely brilliance.

If you're trying to move to agile development methodologies and particularly if you have skeptics in your organization then I would highly recommend this course from Rod. It will make believers and practitioners out of them! 

Kelly Calvert Group Program Manager, Team Foundation Server, Microsoft


Recent Comments...

Enjoyed the class! Great hands-on experience. Thank You. - CM Albuquerque

Great hands-on application of the process. - TO Albuquerque

New Continuing Education Requirements

Scrum Education Units® (SEU®) will be required for foundational and advanced certification renewal, effective February 4, 2019



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Foundational: CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®

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Advanced: A-CSMSM or A-CSPOSM

30 (NEW)


Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®




Some ways to earn SEUs:

If you have multiple certifications, you need to earn full SEUs for your highest certification, and each additional certification requires half the SEUs.  For Example, CSM & CSPO renewal will require 30 SEUs.


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