Course Description


A Powerfully Effective 3-Day Hands-On Training Course. Learn and implement the guiding principles, practices and processes that make teams truly Agile using Microsoft VSTS to efficiently and effectively support your team throughout your development cycles. Leverage the Power of VSTS for Your Team and Enterprise. Obtain the knowledge and skills needed to participate effectively on an Agile team that is using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS). You will learn how the roles of Agile, the principles of Agile planning, analysis, and development can be implemented in a VSTS environment.

This course is intended for the Agile team that is making the move to VSTS / TFS to help manage their project.  The basics of Scrum / Agile will be reviewed.  The major emphais will be the implemenation of Agile Practices in a VSTS / TFS environment.